Total Ensemble

Total Ensemble 'In Love & War' 2015

An independent arts organisation, ever-evolving, fluid and free-spirited, consisting of


Total Ensemble Theatre Company
Total Ensemble Arts Initiative


Mission Statement

To explore Norfolk, ‘making art as we go’

To land where we are inspired, invited or needed

To create environments, temporary or longer term, unique to the aim of collaborative creation and expression through art form

To nurture community spirit, connection and love of life Founded August 2011


Ambassador and New Patron for 2024 

 Arts Initiative

Dance into the Fall and Ground Up & Grass Roots

Artistic Director and Founder

                        Recognition for Total Ensemble –                            Buckingham Palace and EDP 150    

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Poetic and Lyrical
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Live Performance and Theatre
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Equal in endeavour, creating together; TOTAL ENSEMBLE
Rebecca Chapman, Artistic Director & Founder of Total Ensemble Theatre Company
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Total Ensemble works on a project-to-project basis, thriving on the resulting independence with its strong focus on quality of ‘positive-feeling’ experience, its unique process, artistic integrity and originality.

It does not exist in one particular building. Creativity happens inside, outside in any suitable venue or location, it feeds off new landscapes, the artistry of Mother Nature, the mystery of the natural world, beautiful architecture, unique spaces and the exploration of new territory.

Total Ensemble does not hold drop-in classes or regular term-time activities. 

It strives to give ample notice of forthcoming workshops, events and performances, making each project accessible to as many people as possible.

All creativity happens by working and playing in the arts, with and for hugely diverse groups of people, casts and audiences consisting of humanity in all its natural beauty and brilliance; some with a wide range of experience and those with none at all, those that might face extreme challenges, both physical and emotional and those that don’t.

This is NOT a project about disability or disadvantage. It is not about non-disabled people helping disabled people or any other form of perceived or real hierarchy. It shines a fierce light on diversity and equality; every individual involved exercising their passion for supporting and facilitating the talents, dreams and creativity of themselves and everyone else to the very best of their ability. 

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Rebecca Chapman

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