Total Ensemble 2022

an independent arts organisation, ever-evolving, fluid and free-spirited, consisting of


Total Ensemble Theatre Company
Total Ensemble Arts Initiative


Mission Statement

To explore Norfolk, ‘making art as we go’

To land where we are inspired, invited or needed

To create environments, temporary or longevous, unique to the aim of collaborative creation and expression through art form

To nurture community spirit, connection and love of life


"Equal in endeavour, creating together; TOTAL ENSEMBLE
Rebecca Chapman, Artistic Director & Founder of Total Ensemble Theatre Company
"Magical, beautiful, completely absorbing. I loved watching the faces, the concentration, the passion. What a fabulous thing you are doing. Thank you."
Ruth Darrah, Boy in the Lighthouse audience member
"There is magic in the room at every rehearsal, which translates through each performance. I carry with me the warmth and the strength that Total Ensemble has brought into my life. Art like this and this type of community gives me hope that there can be a future in which everyone has a place, and everyone is equal."
Ella Bee Glendining - Total Ensemble performer
"Total Ensemble Theatre Company gives me hope for the future of inclusive theatre, which is so vital for the health of our society"
Jo Collins MBE, Co-founder of Chickenshed and patron of Total Ensemble
“The most inspired and inspiring theatre I have seen in ages. To see the energy, emotional commitment and sheer physical power of such a company is exciting to say the least. The actors were so inside their characters it was riveting. There was such belief there that we can all learn from them. Total Ensemble Theatre Company achieved huge things with naturally shy people who may have every reason to feel the need to withdraw and not step into the light.”
Mattie Ziegler – Director of Drama, Norwich School
"Total Ensemble redefines the concept of talent."
Stash Kirkbride, Co-founder of The Hostry Festival
"A wonderful group of people. They could help us to educate our students in important attitudes and values through a very powerful medium. "
Dr Malcolm Adams - Former Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of East Anglia
"Total Ensemble's performance was extraordinary in its human beauty; the relationship, respect, and care among the performers touched my heart."
Colin Mace - Booja Booja Truffles and Desserts & Principal Sponsor of Total Ensemble Theatre Company
"The work of Total Ensemble enables so many people to come together in a creative way. Everything they do is filled with energy and enthusiasm and is truly transformative in the lives of those taking part."
The Very Revd Jane Hedges, Dean of Norwich
"I have seen the lowest in confidence, who would never say a word to anyone stand on the side of the group with their heads constantly looking down, become someone who can interact with every person in the group and input into every single performance with their own unique individuality."
Shannon Lennox - Total Ensemble performer
"This is a fantastic initiative and one which gets to the soul of our community."
Dick Palmer - Trustee City & Guilds


Total Ensemble works on a project-to-project basis, thriving on the resulting independence with its strong focus on quality of ‘positive-feeling’ experience, its unique process, artistic integrity and originality.

It does not exist in one particular building. Creativity happens inside, outside in any suitable venue or location, it feeds off new landscapes, the artistry of Mother Nature, the mystery of the natural world, beautiful architecture, unique spaces and the exploration of new territory.

Total Ensemble does not hold drop-in classes or regular term-time activities. 

It strives to give ample notice of forthcoming workshops, events and performances, making each project accessible to as many people as possible.

All creativity happens by working and playing in the arts, with and for massively diverse groups of people, casts and audiences consisting of humanity in all its natural beauty and brilliance; differently abled people, some with a wide range of experience and those with none at all, those that might face extreme challenges, both physical and emotional and those that don’t.

This is NOT a project about disability or disadvantage. It is not about non-disabled people helping those with disabilities or any other form of perceived or real hierarchy. It shines a fierce light on diversity and equality; every individual involved exercising their passion for supporting and facilitating the talents, dreams and creativity of themselves and everyone else to the very best of their ability.

People wishing to be involved are invited to email

Rebecca will contact you to discuss forthcoming opportunities and how to join in.