Total Ensemble Arts Initiative

Total Ensemble Arts Initiative has been launched this year to create opportunities for organisations, individuals, groups, artists and so on to partner with us on any adventure we choose. This could be any one or more of the following: playful and freeing, creative workshops in the arts and one-off theatre and dance workshops, online and in-person, auditions for casting, casting workshops, devising theatre and rehearsals for specific commissions, events and public performance and mentoring the setting up of independent arts organisations throughout the county of Norfolk.




Total Ensemble Arts Initiative

Gorleston and Great Yarmouth

‘ Creative Community, Ground Up and Grass Roots


 supported by

PBSK,  Booja Booja and the Freemen’s Charitable Trust


We are seeking individuals and partner organisations to join this brand new initiative. 

We have our first partner in place

East Norfolk Sixth Form College

Creativity has commenced with students from a wide range of study, courses and interests, united by a passion to work together.

Be part of an exciting and diverse group of wonderful human beings seeking to make the world a better place

  • Take part in workshops based in performance and other art forms, to create a unique and vibrant community, one that has never existed before, that tells its own stories its own way, reflecting the world we live in today and inspiring a better vision for the future.

  • Engage with others, make new connections and meet new people, through positive activity that you will be encouraged to nurture and direct.

  • Nurture a new space and create an atmosphere that provides safe, ‘in-person’, ‘in real life’, experience, where you can be yourself, with others, to enjoy the arts.

  • Contribute to your own community by deveoping the confidence to reach out and help others do the same.

  • Evolve your sense of identity and investigate your sense of purpose by being part of a group that helps people to build universal confidence, self-esteem, communication, empathy, kindness, social connection and skills.

Collaborate. Create. Talk. Be still, think and simply BE TOGETHER

Act. Dance. Sing.

Write. Draw. Sketch. Collage, Paint. Film. Photograph. 

Organise … Activate. 

Enhance your life and those of others.

Be bold! It will be a challenge, you will need to push your own boundaries, take new, brave steps, but it will be life-changing and fun.

No prior experience in the arts or any other group activity needed.

This initiative is suitable for:

anyone wanting to explore and share their individuality, talents and skills

anyone that will do their utmost to give their time, energy and 100% commitment.

those that can or want to recognise the potential in every human being.

those that are 100% willing to learn from others, whatever their background, prior experience, ‘level of talent’ or type of ‘ability’