Dance into the Fall

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October at the Blake Studio, Cathedral Close, Tombland, Norwich

 Dance into the Fall is a weekend of dance and movement as part of the Autumn Festival of Norfolk

An exciting new annual event celebrating homegrown Norfolk dance.

Supported by PBSK, Autumn Festival of Norfolk, Norwich School, Jane Hawksley and Booja Booja

Produced by Rebecca Chapman

Launched in 2023 this initiative has been inspired by the resilience, talent, generosity and enterprise of our principal partners:

Rachel Canavan, of Copperdot (dance studio) and Emma Zangs and Steph Townsend of Movement Connects, who work to unite, support and sustain the artistry, well-being and vitality of our local, professional dance community.

The weekend celebrates our local community of professional movement and dance artists, working across the county, delivering performance and community projects year-round: Katy Dunne, Xenoula Eleftheriades, Glasshouse Dance; Festival Jam with Laura Anderson & Sarah Lewis, Alicia Gooch, Rosy May, The IslandsAbby Page and In Cahoots, Emily Thomas

Performances, workshops and, to top it off, a special evening gathering of kindred spirits will ease us into the winter months, encouraging us all to embrace dance and artful movement, proven to boost personal wellbeing and a sure-fire way to sustain connection with each other.

Watch, participate, connect and enjoy!