Egmont; a Valiant Stand (2021)

 In its Tenth Anniversary Year

Total Ensemble Theatre Company


 Egmont, a Valiant Stand 

An ‘Overture in Action’

  Directed and adapted for film by

Rebecca Chapman in workshop with members of the cast of Total Ensemble Theatre Company

Film by Paul Thompson, Jonty Rea and Rebecca Chapman

Commissioned by PBSK (creators of the Autumn Festival of Norfolk and the Norfolk Arts Awards) the experimental and atmospheric film was inspired by Egmont, Op. 84 composed by Ludwig van Beethoven for Goethe’s play, Egmont. Beethoven, a fan of Goethe, sharing his passion for justice and freedom of expression, was coming out of a long period of isolation (apposite, having just emerged from a lock down ourselves) when he was commissioned to write the music. 

Total Ensemble Theatre Company explored the musical structure of Beethoven’s composition and the themes of Goethe’s play, namely, activism, the fight for freedom and ultimate sacrifice; one individual’s life for the lives of many others, drawing parallels with contemporary life.       


Themes from Sir Peter Ustinov’s Beethoven’s Tenth, namely, the ghost of Beethoven

Sculpture of Beethoven’s Death Mask – Rachael Long

The Big Barn



 The Cast of Egmont, a Valiant Stand


Chris Ellis

Holly Lerski

Ruby Ashby

LYRICS by Peggy Holden



Chris and Diana Jacob

Geoffrey Watling

Chivers Trust

We have found the strength to join hands

Make a bond, a fellowship

Inside the smallest person

 the largest of hearts

There is no life without death,

There is no death without life.

We live as one with everyone …


excerpt from a poem by

Peggy Holden

Written as part of a series of online workshops held by Total Ensemble Theatre Company during lockdown.