The Future

Now, in its 5th year, Total Ensemble Theatre Company is poised to mount even more original and unique movement theatre productions. It is poised to ‘outreach’ across Norfolk. This means more opportunity for performers and more partnerships with educational establishments and individuals; bringing in and going to, learning from and sharing with.


I take huge pride in having been one of the producers that commissioned this young company in 2011. Already, in just five years, it is set to have its own theatre space built and paid for by your generosity through what I call “adventure capital” and the Norfolk

arts community.


TETC needs and welcomes your input to help it build a bespoke theatre space to inspire and elevate the experience of working with the company. It aspires to a rural location.


Why outside the city?


TETC’s work isn’t simply about what takes place on stage. It’s the personal development and life cycle of each participant, cast member and volunteer that enables such trust to be developed and originality to take place. A trip out of a familiar environment with transport provided, is one of the ways of facilitating creativity and wellbeing. It’s an all year ‘round thing, a belonging, a journey. Stepping out

of rehearsals into a place of natural beauty

will make the TETC experience even

more beneficial.


I believe in up-shifting, in thinking outside the box, because there we can be allowed to think differently; to take the time to encourage and nurture without the standardisation of what an existing building might have to offer.


TETC is totally different, and therefore it deserves a totally different, environmentally sustainable building of its own.


Stash Kirkbride

Co-founder and Artistic Director of the

Hostry Festival and the PBSK Partnership


Could you or your company help us make our vision

a reality?


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Total Ensemble Theatre Company

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Co-founder and Artistic Director of the

Hostry Festival and the PBSK Partnership

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