Production and Performance

Trailblazing in Norfolk and remaining unique in the county to this day, 

Total Ensemble 

has been producing original ensemble productions with large casts made up of disabled and non-disabled performers since 2011.

It creates devised, original, ensemble performance pieces that aim to change for the better the lives of those taking part and audiences alike.

Dependent on sufficient funding and scheduling we can create bespoke pieces for arts festivals and other arts organisations and, if in line with our current artistic remit, we can, on occasion, make appearances at high profile public events.

We value the challenge, shared goal and responsibility of working towards a public performance so we strive for that whenever and wherever we possibly can.

In all instances our ethos is one of a high-quality, positive-feeling, unique human experience via the creation of art and we avoid over-scheduling public performances or requests for ‘appearances’ (honoured though we are to be asked). We prioritise our in-house ensemble productions and the precious process, sensitive in nature, that we facilitate for and alongside our participants.