Total Ensemble Arts Initiative

was launched in 2022 to create opportunities and produce platforms for organisations, individuals, groups and artists, with a strong ethos and practice of lived, authentic inclusion, equality, equity and a passion for celebrating diversity. 

Partner with us on any adventure we choose together, in the form of any one or more of the following:

  • Playful and freeing creative workshops in the arts, one-off theatre and dance workshops, short or longer term programmes of learning and projects tailoured to fulfil specific requirements. 

  • Devising original theatre/dance for specific commissions, events and public performance. 

  • Mentoring, training and support for smaller, independent arts organisations and individual practitioners: how to ‘set-up and sustain’, how to develop ideas, and opportunities to share work in progress for new makers and arts practitioners, of all ages, throughout the county of Norfolk.

  • Consultation on any of the above.

  • Opportunities for joining casting workshops and Total Ensemble Theatre Company productions; we do not audition but we do sometimes have to create ensembles that fulfil specific casting requirements.

Activities are suited to both group settings and one to one delivery.

Many aspects of the creative offer can be delivered and accessed online as well as ‘in real life/ in-person’ as requested or needed.

Supported by PBSK Partnership, the creators of the Autumn Festival of Norfolk (formerly Hostry Festival).

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