Jo Collins MBE
Director of Music and Co-Founder of Chickenshed

"I feel very honoured, proud and privileged to be patron of this inspirational theatre company.

For the philosophy of Chickenshed to be so brilliantly encompassed within Total Ensemble Theatre Company gives me hope for the future of inclusive theatre, which is so vital for the health of our society."

Amy Golden

Amy Golden has performed in shows at Chickenshed for many years.

She is a very talented comedy writer and has co-written a musical about her life called Get on with it

Sally Phillips
Actress, television performer and comedian

Renowned actress Sally Phillips become a patron of Total Ensemble in 2018 after seeing our full-scale production, Boy in the Lighthouse.

She states "Total Ensemble is a thoroughly good thing in every way, a vital resource for many, that opens up new more inclusive worlds to actors and audience alike by embracing the creativity of each individual".

Peter Barrow and Stash Kirkbride (PBSK) are the hearts, minds and graft behind the Autumn Festival of Norfolk

“I am awed by Rebecca’s capacity to meld human diversity into beautiful, touching, harmonious and professional theatre. She has a very special ability to create a culture in Total Ensemble that seems to invite, encourage and demand the full and open hearted participation of all members. The ensuing freedom of expression, and human connection and care amongst performers is the foundation for the beautiful theatre that invariably stops my mind and opens my heart when I watch Total Ensemble perform. I wish Rebecca every success in widening activities to allow more people the opportunity to participate, and more audiences the enjoyment of witnessing Total Ensemble. It is a delight to support them.”

Colin Mace, Founder and Director Booja Booja

Supporters and Partners old & new!