Total Ensemble Theatre Company champions inclusive theatre.


Working with a diverse group of performers who vary in age, ability, look, experience, learning and interpretative styles is incredibly exciting. Total Ensemble Theatre Company seeks to challenge the narrow definition of talent perpetuated by an industry that draws heavily from a specific demographic of the “mainstream” populous and instead show that this is another way to make good theatre.



Every performer has to be an effective part in the telling of the story through drama. They have to really want to be part of the theatre we are producing. They have to be disciplined, motivated and work hard, often more than professional performers.

They have to put the ensemble work

before their own performance as a true team player. The only difference is that some of these performers might not walk, speak, act, sing or dance in a way that we are used to seeing on stage. There is no barrier to participating in fantastic theatre that audiences appreciate and enjoy.

How we work

Total Ensemble creates totally original and therefore unique pieces of theatre. We use script, poetry, physical theatre, movement, dance, music, vocal soundscape, anything that we feel adds to the story we are making.


We are sometimes commissioned by larger organisations to create a piece based on a specific theme. An example of this was the science festival at Norwich Cathedral. We were commissioned by the Dean to create a piece called The Big Bang; quite a task, to represent the beginning of everything through our unique style of movement and sound‐scaping.


We also devise pieces of theatre based on themes that interest us as a theatre company; things that we love, things that concern us about the world and sometimes we just enjoy moving to music and seeing what stories emerge. Every time we create something the ideas and input of every member are included in the final production.


There is a life force…  translated through

you into action and because there is

only one of you…

this expression

is unique.”


Martha Graham


For more information get in touch via our contact page or email us at enquiries@totalensemble.org



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